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Welcome to our website. We are the Youth of the Vietnamese Evangelical Church of Springvale and we’re glad to have you visit us. Our passion is to worship and proclaim the Name of our soul saviour, Jesus, the Son of God. We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 8:45am to experience God’s love and teachings. We also have small group fellowship gatherings during the week to care and nurture each other. Please feel free to browse our website for further information and if you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We will be having our first English Service Christmas this Sunday 23rd Dec 2012, at 6:30pm.
Come and join us for a night of beautiful Christmas Carols, a short Gospel message and a Christmas supper.
Our theme for the night will be 'CHRISTMAS: A WELCOME INCONVENIENCE.'

Address as follows:

  • 15 Olympic Ave, Springvale South, VIC 3172
  • See you all there!!!

    PostHeaderIcon Youth Combined Night

    Please come join us at "Youth Combined Night" with Melbourne Evangelical Church, Churches of Christ Richmond, Springvale Evangelical Church and more...

    This event is to bring the youth collectively to come together as God’s family to simply worship and listen to His word.

    Our Guest Speaker for the night is Reuel Vun, Youth Pastor from Citylife Manningham.

    Here are the details of the event:

    Venue: Richmond Churches of Christ
    23 Coppin St Richmond
    Date: 21/7/2012
    Time: 7pm

    Look forward to seeing you there

    PostHeaderIcon Dedication Service 1st July 2012

    2012 Dang Con_008

    Four beautiful babies were dedicated to the Lord on Sunday 1st July 2012. Ps Quang conducted the service and prayed for each child to become faithful disciples of the Lord. From left to right their names are Emma, Eli, David and Benjamin.

    PostHeaderIcon Welcome to This World Benjamin Pham

    Congratulations to Chuong and Tran Pham on the birth of their second child, Benjamin. Benjamin was born on Sunday 27th May 2012, weighing 3.1kg. Benjamin had a minor infection after being born but we thank the Lord that he was strong and healthy a week later.

    PostHeaderIcon Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Kyle and Jennifer Huynh

    We would like to congratulate Kyle and Jennifer for their new born baby Emma Blake Huynh. Emma was born on 4/4/2012 weight 3.3kg.

    Praise the Lord for keeping both mother and daughter well and healthy.

    PostHeaderIcon Daylight Saving in Victoria

    Daylight saving tại tiểu bang Victoria sẽ chấm dứt lúc 3 giờ sáng ngày Chúa Nhật 1/4/2012.
    Trước khi đi ngủ vào tối thứ bảy 31/3/2012, xin nhớ vặn đồng hồ lui lại 1 giờ.

    Victoria's period of daylight saving will end on Sunday 1 April 2012.
    At end of daylight saving period, move clock back one hour at 3:00am summer time to 2:00am standard time (Eastern Standard Time).

    PostHeaderIcon Fishing Trip

    We will be going fishing at Mornington beach on Saturday 31st March. Everybody is welcome to come. We will be hiring boats and rods at the beach. The cost is $40. Those who wish to fish will need to obtain a fishing licence. More details at

    Meet at Church at 11am.
    Please contact Ps Phillip for more information or to RSVP.

    PostHeaderIcon "Ngày Tạ Ơn - Thanksgiving Day"

    "Hỡi linh hồn ta, hãy ca tụng Chúa;
    Chớ quên tất cả các ân huệ Ngài"
    (Thi Thiên 103:2).

    Hội Thánh Springvale sẽ tổ chức Lễ Tạ Ơn 2011 vào Chúa nhật ngày 13 tháng 11 năm 2011 lúc 10 gìờ 45 sáng, tại nhà thờ Springvale, 15 Olympic Ave, Springvale South.

    Anh chị em trong Chúa hãy cầu nguyện, thăm viếng và mời gọi thân nhân bạn hữu đến tham dự Thánh Lễ trọng thể đặc biệt này để chúng ta bày tỏ lòng biết ơn, cùng chung lời tạ ơn dâng lên Thiên Phụ Từ Ái, thờ phượng ngợi ca và thông công với nhau trong thân thể Đấng Christ.

    "Hãy cảm tạ Đức Chúa Trời trên trời; vì tình yêu thương của Ngài tồn tại đời đời" (Thi Thiên 136:26).

    Praise the Lord, O my soul,
    And forget not all his benefits
    (Psalm 103:2).

    Our Church will hold Thanksgiving service on Sunday 13th of November 2011 at 10:45am.

    PostHeaderIcon Michael and Angela's Wedding

    Lovebirds Michael and Angela, will tie the knot at our Church on Sunday 6th November 2011 at 12:30pm. We pray for them to have a joyous day and a lifetime together filled with love, peace and happiness in Christ.

    PostHeaderIcon Êli Triệu Nguyễn

    Hội Thánh Springvale chúc mừng Anh Chị Hùng Thảo vừa có thêm bé trai Êli Triệu Nguyễn vào sáng thứ Sáu 07.10.2011.
    Cảm tạ Chúa đã gìn giữ cho Thảo sanh bé Êli bình an. Bé cân nặng 2.7Kg và cao 47cm và nay đã được về nhà.

    Congratulations to Hung Thao for the arrival of a new baby boy, Eli Trieu Nguyen. Eli was born on Friday the 7th October 2011.
    Thanks to the Lord as both Mum & baby are safe and now at home.

    PostHeaderIcon Congratulations to Mai & Tony Sepulveda on their first Baby

    Congratulations to Mai and Tony Sepulveda on their first baby. Her name is Ava Sepulveda and she was born on 31st August 2011, weighing 3.2Kg. Both Mai and Ava were healthy during the birth and Mai has recovered well since the birth. We pray for Ava to grow in strength and health as she grows.

    PostHeaderIcon Move Clock Forward One Hour

    Victoria's period of daylight saving will start at 2:00am on Sunday 2 October 2011. At 2:00am move clocks forward one hour to 3:00am summer time.

    Tại tiểu bang Victoria, giờ mùa hè bắt đầu vào Chúa Nhật 02/10/11. Vì vậy, trước khi đi ngủ vào ngày thứ bảy 01/10/11, xin bạn vặn đồng hồ lên 1 giờ.

    PostHeaderIcon Our CAL Seminar Experience

    Our first contact with a CAL seminar volunteer really impressed us and set a beautiful scene for the rest of the seminar. We were greeted at the airport by Deacon Mike Chun at 6am morning on Monday 21st March 2011. We were supposed to have exited the airport by 5:30am but due to some delays on our behalf going through customs it took us almost half an hour longer. Still Deacon Mike was very cheerful and welcomed us to Korea. We were very impressed by his humble service to pick us up so early from the airport.

    On arrival at the Ansung retreat centre we were so impressed that the entire premise belonged to the Church. It is an enormous site that is built beautifully and purposely for Church conferences. The Worship room is large and well fitted out with lighting, projection and sound systems.

    PostHeaderIcon Lễ Thương Khó và Phục Sinh

    Hội Thánh Tin Lành Springvale sẽ long trọng tổ chức Lễ Thương Khó và Lễ Phục Sinh vào lịch trình như sau:

    Lễ Thương Khó, tối thứ Sáu 22/04/2011 lúc 7:30.
    Lễ Phục Sinh, sáng Chúa Nhật 24/04/2011 lúc 10:45.

    Xin con dân Chúa mời thân nhân, bạn bè đến tham dự Lễ Thương Khó và Lễ Phục Sinh tại Hội Thánh chúng ta.

    Springvale Church
    15 Olympic Ave,
    Springvale South, VIC 3172

    * Vietnamese Service
      10:45am Sunday
      Rev Dr Quang Minh Ngo
      +61 3 9548 3865

    * English Service
      09:00am Sunday
      Ps Phillip Chiem
      +61 418 349 732

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