PostHeaderIcon Greater Dandenong Mayor Thanked at Our National Day of Thanksgiving

Many train travelers arriving at Springvale station on Saturday 30th May 2009 got an unusual but pleasant surprise as they were greeted by our Youth, Young Adults and Adults. We were celebrating the National Day of Thanksgiving 2009 and to show our appreciation to God we gave out free fruit consisting of apples, mandarins and bananas. Our group of 30, including our very own Pastor Quang and his wife, braved the cool morning to thank God and also thank the leaders of our country for their service.

Greater Dandenong Mayor, Cr Pinar Yesil kindly accepted our invitation to attend the morning so that we could express our appreciation to her and her council for their service to the community, and also give her a large Thank You card that we had signed. After an hour or so of giving out fruit, we all split into 6 teams to go into different areas of Springvale and tidy up rubbish. Many people passing by were impressed and thanked the generous service given by our youth. A total of about 10 bags of rubbish were collected.

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PostHeaderIcon Video Clips

The following video clips are also available in YouTube.

Videos: Ps Phillip Chiem & Mr Hải Như Dương

PostHeaderIcon Người Phụ Nữ Được Chúa Đẹp Lòng - A Woman after God's own Heart - Mrs Miriam Choi

Hội Thánh Tin Lành Việt Nam tại Springvale xin trân trọng kính mời Quí phụ nữ còn đang độc thân, sắp đính hôn, đã lập gia đình,đang có con nhỏ hay đang chuẩn bị làm mẹ, hãy cố gắng thu xếp thì giờ đến với chúng tôi qua chương trình huấn luyện đặc biệt nầy với chủ đề:
"Người Phụ Nữ Được Chúa Đẹp Lòng"
Vào Ngày Chúa Nhật 07.06.09, lúc 13 giờ đến 16 giờ chiều
Tại Nhà Thờ Springvale 15 Olympic Avenue, Springvale South 3172

Rất mong được đón tiếp Quí vị và các bạn.

The Vietnamese Evangelical church in Springvale invites all the single ladies, engaged, married, with children or expecting to come to our special service on Sunday 7 June 2009, from 1pm to 4pm at our church located at 15 Olympic Avenue, Springvale South. Mrs Miriam Choi will be speaking on the Topic A Woman after God's own Heart

We look forward to seeing you there.

PostHeaderIcon National Day of Thanksgiving 2009

For our first National Day of Thanksgiving, the Youth of Springvale Vietnamese Evangelical Church will be giving out free fruit at Springvale train station and cleaning up areas around the station and the shopping centre. We have also invited Councillor Pinar Yesil to come so that we can formally thank her and the Greater Dandenong Council for their work in serving the Springvale community. She will come at 11:00am to 11:30am. Please come to Springvale train station at 10:30am, on the milk bar side to join us for National Day of Thanksgiving 2009. For more information please call Pastor Phillip on 0418349732.

PostHeaderIcon International Students Dinner Night 24.04.09

The International Cell held a friendly dinner to welcome and get to know some international students from the local schools and universities. We had a great night of activities, a short slide show about when no one seems to care, and some great food that was cooked by our friends on the night. Unfortunately for some of us, the activities forced us to drink lots of water as a penalty for losing.

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PostHeaderIcon Interchurch Sports 25.04.09

Held at Darebin Sports Centre, Interchurch Sports day was a great opportunity to exercise some muscles as well as catch up with some old friends from our fellow churches. About 15 of our youth competed. Cindy Mai held up a good challenge in Badminton, Alex did some great sets for his volleyball team, the girls also showed great team work in volleyball, and the guys kept the ball moving in basketball and soccer.

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PostHeaderIcon Fellowship Night @ West Footscray Church 02.05.09

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PostHeaderIcon Mother's Day 10.05.2009

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PostHeaderIcon Working Bee Day

On Sunday afternoon, 31 May 2009, our church will have a Working Bee day.
Everyone please participate on that day to make God's house a beautiful place.

Vào trưa Chúa Nhật ngày 31/05/09, Hội Thánh chúng ta sẽ có một ngày Working Bee.
Xin tất cả cùng góp phần làm sạch sẽ nhà Chúa.

PostHeaderIcon Women's Conference

Event Date: 22-23 May 2009
Location : Enjoy Church, 41 Lance Rd, North Sunshine, Vic 3020
Mel ref(26:K6)

For more information on Conference Information, Location Information and Registration form, please click on Adore 2009.

PostHeaderIcon Mother's Day

Thanks Mum,
for doing all you could
to make life special for me.
Thanks for encouraging me
to do my best and try my hardest,
for making sure I knew
how much you loved me,
for being someone
I always looked up to...and specially, Mum,
for being someone
I'll always love.
Happy Mother's Day

PostHeaderIcon God... Always Answers Prayer

When the idea is not right God says, "No."
No - when the idea is not the best.
No - when the idea is absolutely wrong.
No - when though it may help you, it could create problems for someone else.

When the time is not right, God says, "Slow."

What a catastrophe it would be if God answered every prayer at the snap of your finger.
Do you know what would happen?
God would become your servant, not your master.
Suddenly, God would be working for you instead of you working for God.

Remember: God's delays are not God's denials. God's timing is perfect. Patience is what we need in prayer.

When you are not right. God says, "Grow."
The selfish person has to grow in unselfishness.
The cautious person must grow courage.
The timid person must grow in confidence.
The dominating person must grow in sensitivity.
The critical person must grow in tolerance.
The nagative person must grow in positive attitudes.
The pleasure-seeking person must grow in compassion for suffering people.

PostHeaderIcon Encouragement Message

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
"God didn't promise days without pain,
Laughter without sorrow,
Sun without rain,
But He did promise strength for the day,
Comfort for the tears, and light for the way."

PostHeaderIcon Our Daily Bread - 'I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU'

READ: Deuteronomy 31: 1-8

I am with you always, even to the end of the age — Matthew 28:20

One of my earliest memories of hearing good music was when a male quartet rehearsed at our home. I was about 10 years old, and I was especially attentive to my dad, who sang first tenor. One of the quartet’s favorites was titled, “I Am With You.” Even at that tender age, I not only appreciated the music but I “got the message.”

Those words of Jesus to His disciples just before He ascended — “I am with you always” — became precious to me as the quartet sang, “In the sunlight, in the shadow, I am with you where you go.”

PostHeaderIcon Easter 2009

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