PostHeaderIcon Congratulations to Kyle and Jennifer.

Congratulations to Kyle & Jennifer for the arrival of baby girl Lara Huynh.

She was born on Saturday 29 of August 2009 at 3.45pm and weighted 3.19kg.

Hội Thánh cùng chia mừng với gia đình Quang Dung vừa sinh bé gái Lara Huỳnh vào hôm thứ bảy 29/08/09.

Cảm tạ Chúa đã cho mọi sự được suông sẻ, Dung và bé Lara được mạnh khỏe.

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PostHeaderIcon Winter Youth Camp 2009

The theme for the camp was the Prayer Life of a Disciple which Pastor Nigel Lau encouragingly preached about throughout the camp. Although the nights were cold, there were really nice fireplaces that warmed the rooms. On Saturday, Steve, the camp manager helped us with the flying fox and the high ropes course. We all flew through the air faster than we could even run. It was an exhilarating experience even though it was only about 100 metres. Even our own Pastor Quang couldn't resist the flight. Lisa and Chris were even more daring, flying upside down and somersaulting whilst Tan flew down "no hands."

The highlight of the camp was the high ropes. Standing about 10 metres in the air, it was scary just to look at. But that didn't stop our youth who all showed that they wouldn't be conquered. Lisa was first up and although she screamed a lot at the top, she scaled the ropes as if she were spiderman (or woman). Anne and Steven were also quite natural up high. Anne walked on the ropes as if it were a plank and Steven showed great strength holding onto Tan so he wouldn't fall. We also must congratulate the friends on the ground who held on to the safety ropes that catch the rope walkers when they fall. Thank God nobody got injured, just a little sore in the muscles which hadn't been used for a while.

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PostHeaderIcon Greater Dandenong Mayor Thanked at Our National Day of Thanksgiving

Many train travelers arriving at Springvale station on Saturday 30th May 2009 got an unusual but pleasant surprise as they were greeted by our Youth, Young Adults and Adults. We were celebrating the National Day of Thanksgiving 2009 and to show our appreciation to God we gave out free fruit consisting of apples, mandarins and bananas. Our group of 30, including our very own Pastor Quang and his wife, braved the cool morning to thank God and also thank the leaders of our country for their service.

Greater Dandenong Mayor, Cr Pinar Yesil kindly accepted our invitation to attend the morning so that we could express our appreciation to her and her council for their service to the community, and also give her a large Thank You card that we had signed. After an hour or so of giving out fruit, we all split into 6 teams to go into different areas of Springvale and tidy up rubbish. Many people passing by were impressed and thanked the generous service given by our youth. A total of about 10 bags of rubbish were collected.

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PostHeaderIcon International Students Dinner Night 24.04.09

The International Cell held a friendly dinner to welcome and get to know some international students from the local schools and universities. We had a great night of activities, a short slide show about when no one seems to care, and some great food that was cooked by our friends on the night. Unfortunately for some of us, the activities forced us to drink lots of water as a penalty for losing.

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PostHeaderIcon Interchurch Sports 25.04.09

Held at Darebin Sports Centre, Interchurch Sports day was a great opportunity to exercise some muscles as well as catch up with some old friends from our fellow churches. About 15 of our youth competed. Cindy Mai held up a good challenge in Badminton, Alex did some great sets for his volleyball team, the girls also showed great team work in volleyball, and the guys kept the ball moving in basketball and soccer.

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PostHeaderIcon Fellowship Night @ West Footscray Church 02.05.09

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PostHeaderIcon Mother's Day 10.05.2009

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PostHeaderIcon Easter 2009

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PostHeaderIcon Congratulations to Pastor Phillip Chiem

By the call of the Lord, Phillip Chiem has become the new Youth Pastor at the Springvale Vietnamese Evangelical Church. The inauguration ceremony was held on Sunday the 15th of February 2009 at 10:45 am at 15 Olympic Ave, Springvale South, VIC, 3172. May God guide Pastor Phillip in his new role of serving the Lord and bring Glory and Praise to Jesus Christ.

PostHeaderIcon Farewell Pastor Thoa Nguyen

It is with sadness to see Pastor Thoa resign from the Youth Ministry which she had served very well in. It was necessary for her to do this so she could undertake further Theological studies. She has been ministering the Youth at Springvale Vietnamese Evangelical Church for the past 3 years and has built a strong foundation for the English Service. We wish her all the best in her studies and may God bless her and her family.

Springvale Church
15 Olympic Ave,
Springvale South, VIC 3172

* Vietnamese Service
  10:45am Sunday
  Rev Dr Quang Minh Ngo
  +61 3 9548 3865

* English Service
  09:00am Sunday
  Ps Phillip Chiem
  +61 418 349 732

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