PostHeaderIcon Assistance required at the combined Christmas Service 2010

We required 15 people to assist with the kids group at the combined Christmas Service at Bridge Church 10 Griffiths St, RICHMOND VIC 3121 on Sunday the 19th December 2010, 7pm - 10pm. Please contact Ps Phillip Chiem on 0418 349 732 or email if you able to help.

Please pray for many people to attend and give their lives to Jesus.

PostHeaderIcon Prayers for Major Crusade event in Saigon

Over 50 Church denominations will be uniting together in Tao Dan stadium, Saigon to host a major crusade event on Tuesday 21st of April 2009. The organisers hope to have more than 15,000 people attend, and for many many people to be saved. There will be prayers for the sick to be healed as well.
Our dear brother in Christ, Music Pastor David Dong is in charge of the Music for the event. He is gathering 17 musicians to form a band and mini orchestra who will back up the professional singers from his Psalm! Music Studio who will lead the worship for the event.
Let's pray for many to become believers on the day and all the sick to be healed. We pray for the organisers to have strength and wisdom from God.

PostHeaderIcon English Service Prayer Requests

Please keep these prayer points in your daily pray for the Youth and Young Adults of Springvale Vietnamese Evangelical Church.

  1. Praise God for sustaining the English Service on Sundays 8:45am and praise God for the commitment of both leaders (servants) and members to it each week. We thank the Lord for the gracious guest speakers who are invited to speak regularly. We pray that the enthusiasm for God and the Word will grow and that new people will rise to serve Him and His people.
  2. Praise God for establishing the cell groups last year and for the great work the leaders have done in ministering to the members. We pray for the leaders not to grow weary in their leadership and for members to grow in their love for the Lord and assist in coordinating the cell. We pray for some of the cell leaders who feel inexperienced in their leadership to grow in confidence

PostHeaderIcon VECA National Day of Prayer and Fasting 2009

We Praise the Lord for all the gracious Blessings He has placed upon all our lives, our Youth groups, and we have seen what He has done in 2008. Beside that we have seen many warnings from Him from the Bushfires, Flood, Economic Crisis and people’s Wickedness on the earth. This Friday the 20th of March 2009, let us all join and unite in the body of Christ in prayer and fasting.

The purpose of this event is to pray for:

  • The Nation of Vietnam
  • Our Community
  • Our Church
  • Our Youth
  • Ourselves Individually

Springvale Church
15 Olympic Ave,
Springvale South, VIC 3172

* Vietnamese Service
  10:45am Sunday
  Rev Dr Quang Minh Ngo
  +61 3 9548 3865

* English Service
  09:00am Sunday
  Ps Phillip Chiem
  +61 418 349 732

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