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Our first contact with a CAL seminar volunteer really impressed us and set a beautiful scene for the rest of the seminar. We were greeted at the airport by Deacon Mike Chun at 6am morning on Monday 21st March 2011. We were supposed to have exited the airport by 5:30am but due to some delays on our behalf going through customs it took us almost half an hour longer. Still Deacon Mike was very cheerful and welcomed us to Korea. We were very impressed by his humble service to pick us up so early from the airport.

On arrival at the Ansung retreat centre we were so impressed that the entire premise belonged to the Church. It is an enormous site that is built beautifully and purposely for Church conferences. The Worship room is large and well fitted out with lighting, projection and sound systems.

The dining room is nice and well organized. The rooms were warm and spacious and included a table and chairs for study and snacks. This place would be a dream for our Church. It even has a PA system in the rooms for reminding people of the next service.

All the speakers at the CAL seminar were well spoken and well organized. The worship was enjoyable too even though often only 1 or 2 instruments were played. We also applaud the interpreters who spoke clearly and fluently for us to follow the teachings. The CAL seminar was great in that it not only provided the basis and foundation for discipleship training but you also gave us practical experience of the Small Group Leaders Meeting, the discipleship training class, and the small group meeting. We were very impressed at the confidence and expertise of the leaders of these classes and how well they handled odd questions and comments. We could see in both the discipleship training and small group meeting how much everyone was enjoying the meeting and contributing to the discussion. Our small group interpreter Esther did an excellent job. She had no problems at all.

At mealtimes we were very impressed at how quickly the entire seminar was served and seated. Within just half an hour most of the seminar (over 450 Pastors and Leaders) had finished their meal and were starting to clear the tables. We note the volunteer ladies with purple cardigans who always helped to serve the meals and snacks during the breaks. Thanks to them our food was served quickly and they always waited till everyone was served before having their own meals. We particularly thank these ladies for providing us with some surplus Sandwiches at the end of the first night as we had inadvertently slept through the whole dinner session and were quite hungry now. We were only supposed to sleep for the first half of dinner.

We were very impressed at how early people arrived for the dawn prayer service on Saturday 26th March 2011. 30 minutes before the prayer service started half the Church was already seated and praying. Also impressive was the choir that woke at 3:30am to perform for the service, and also seeing Rev. Dr. John Oh, who had just lectured us the night before. It was a good time of corporate prayer.

Ms Eun Jee Lee was our Home Stay Host. She made us feel very welcome and it was great that her English was fluent so we could share much of our backgrounds. We got the chance to find out how she handled the discipleship and leadership training and also how it set her up for leading her small group. Her house is really beautiful. She also prepared a wonderful breakfast for us.

We had a great time at the Sunday service at the Sarang Community Church. It was a great honour for us to see that the Church was singing a Hillsong song as were entering the worship room. The choir sang beautifully and they were accompanied by a very professional orchestra. We really felt the glory that everyone gave to God. Rev. Dr. John Oh did not look tired at all even though he had done several CAL seminar lectures and preached several services already.

We had to leave South Korea Monday evening 28th March 2011 so we were not able to join the rest of the International delegates for the tours.

Ps Phillip & Leanne Chiem

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